Thursday, 13 December 2012

Shades of Green

Bringing viewers closer to whats being photographed shows the impact small details can have on n overall image, details that are usually missed. The limited depth of field allows you to pay attention on the few leaves which are in focus, where you can see each vein, capturing the detail. Bright colours can sometimes be seen as a distraction when it comes to capturing detail, however in this image the colour draws you in to the image because of the contrasts in the different shades.

A Different View

When capturing this image my aim was to for the photograph to bring the viewer closer to natural elements, such as the seaweed, which they usually ignore. The rule of thirds used in the image brings you closer to focus on the seaside details. The high contrast, use of black and white and also the low viewpoint of the photograph brings all attention to the foreground and more attention is focused on the seaweed; which is what i was wanting to achieve with this image.

Summer Heat

The lighting and crisp detail of the photograph gives the feeling of a warm summers day, it  is almost as though you can feel the warmth of the sunlight through the leaves. The viewpoint looks up into the leaves capturing the shadows of the leaves and showing a contrast in the different shades of green.

Standing Alone

Rule of thirds plays a huge part in the composition of this photograph, the single piece of wheat capturing the viewers attention with its detail and the lighting. The neutral colours and limited detail keep the background soft and subtle so it doesn't distract from the main subject.

Rusted, Old and Beautiful

The limited depth of field focuses all attention the centre of the image showing all the detail of the knotted wire creating the barbed wire. It is an unusual image because you are drawn to something you wouldn't usually pay much attention. I was inspired to photograph the barbed wire when wanting to experiment with how different apertures affect an overall image.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Follow Those Tracks

The low viewpoint of the image brings you closer to the detail you wouldn't usually see. Even though there is only a small amount of detail in the photograph, it is emphasised by the limited depth of field in the image. The tracks in the snow have been captured in a way that they act as leading lines in the photograph and lead you through the image.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Lonely Umberella

The simplicity of this image allows the viewer to focus on the smaller details within, rather than being distracted by lots of action. The simple rule of thirds composition splits the image and the umberella gives it a key focus drawing the viewer in. The image gives a sense of summer because of the warm colours capture, making it a more relaxing image.

Spring Leaves

As I said before nature is my passion in photography and love to capture the seasons due to the difference you find in the colours. This photograph reminds me of springtime with the vibrant shades of green at the top of the photograph. The crisp light highlights all the small details in the bark in the lower portion of the image. The larger aperture allows most details to be captured and the trunk of the tree begins leading lines that guide though the photograph.

A Clear Reflection

The puddle being almost central in the image automatically draws your attention to the reflection. When experimenting with editing this photograph I increased the contrast and altered the saturation to highlight the reflection in the puddle. This gives the image a key focus, the sharp detail around the reflection then captures the attention of the viewer.

An Unusual Pathway

The pathway creates leading lines which draw your eye through the photograph allowing you to notice the small details from the ripples in the water to the subtle detailing in the sky. The monochrome allows the contrast to highlight the details so the viewer doesn't get distracted by the colour.

A Mystery Journey

This photograph is captured from an alternative viewpoint which emphasises the leading lines within the photograph. The leading lines, perspective and viewpoint makes the viewer look longer at the photograph to see where the path leads.The shallow depth of field draws your attention to the foreground and your eyes then follow up the path. The limited colour palette allows the viewer to focus more on the detail than be distracted by the colour.


When visiting Robin Hoods Bay I wanted to focus on the simple elements of natures beauty to emphasise key details that are often missed. The viewpoint of the photograph brings you closer to the ground and therefore closer to the ripples in the sand. The contrast of the light and dark areas in the photograph highlight the details and the leading line of light from the suns reflection leads the viewer through the image.

Yellow Raindrops

When studying Beatriz Milhaze's work I was inspired to bring her collages to life using photographs of natural forms such as flowers and leaves. The rose was part of the final collage, but just on its own it still makes a successful image. I think the success of the image is due to the large amount of detail in the photograph, you can see each droplet on the rose petals. The viewers eyes are drawn to the middle of the rose because of the intense colour in the middle, the colour becomes more subtle as it moves out.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

An Autumn Tree

I have a great love for photographing nature and autumn is my favourite season due to the different shades of colours you see. The autumn tree image captures this season perfectly, you are drawn to the centre of the image because of where the tree is positioned in the image. The composition and the colours in this image is what makes draws your attention to the tree. When taking this photograph I wanted to capture the season and the composition helped me to do this. The tree is in the centre between trees which have already lost their leaves, where as the tree in the middle has only just started changing. The autumn colours have been captured in the image and all of these points make it clear that the image is about autumn.